A Funny Kind Of Love

In DVD/Blu-ray by Janet Leigh

A Funny Kind of Love certainly lives up to its name. Mix four couples plus a deaf man and his phone sex interpreter with off-beat sexual desires and a lack of boundaries and what you get is a recipe for disaster. Great for the audience not so much for the lovers, some of whom are trying desperately to save their marriage.

Writer, director and actor in the film, Josh Lawson, plays hopeless romantic Paul, who will do anything to make his girlfriend’s rape fantasy come to life. Literally anything.

Funnily enough that’s not the oddest fetish to be shared between lovers in this kinky movie. In fact Paul and Maeve (Borjana Novakovic) appear to have the strongest relationship of the group.

On the other side of the white picket fence, Phil (Alan Dukes) takes desperate measure to get closer to ball-busting his wife and Kate Box’s Rowena will do whatever it takes to reach orgasm with her husband. Even if it means watching him suffer.

A beautifully multi-layered plot. How could it not be with a registered sex offender lurking in the background of it all? However, despite the creative stories that shape the intrigue of A Funny Kind of Love, something seems a miss with the ending.

Lawson allows us to pry into the most intimate moments of these couple’s lives, he invites us into their bedrooms and shuts the door without truly wrapping the story up.

Much was left untold in this funny, twisted sexual comedy and in the end it is us, the viewers, who are felling a bit flaccid.