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Actor Thomas Horn

Thomas Horn is the up and coming young star of the Oscar Nominated Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close.

Thomas Horn is the up and coming young star of the
Oscar Nominated Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close.
Based on the book by Jonathan Safran Foer the film tells the story of Oskar Schell who travels all over New York in the hope of finding the lock to fit the key his father left him before his tragic death in the attacks of 9/11. In his first ever role Thomas speaks about what he did to
prepare for the part starring alongside two Oscar winners in the form of Tom
and Sandra Bullock.

Did you do a lot
of research for your character?

Well, I did do some general
research about 9-11. My director, actually, did most of the stuff himself for
the victims of 9-11. He met with them and researched their experiences. And
with children who have conditions like Asperger’s, which the character has some
manifestations of Asperger’s syndrome. But yeah, we did our research to make
sure that the movie would be accurate.

Were some scenes
harder to shoot than others because of the subject matter?

Yeah, I definitely had some
varied experiences that I thought would be difficult that weren’t, actually,
but then there were some scenes that were surprisingly difficult. Took a long
time. Especially the scene where Oskar finds the true purpose of his key. That
scene took four days to film, and it’s majorly emotional, but in sort of a
quiet, soft way. And that was very difficult for me to handle, but after four
days I think I did an okay job with it.

What was it like to work with so many
accomplished actors for your first film?

Well, they’re all amazing
actors and amazingly kind people. And I was grateful to work with all of them.
Especially so because I’m a first-time actor. Since when does a first-time
actor work with an amazing director and amazing actors? And I would say that
they all taught me something, but in their own way.

Did you learn any acting
tips from the actors?

Well, one special thing
that I learned was that you have to stay in your character the whole time
during a filming session. Like, you don’t want to get out between takes because
if you get out between takes, at the beginning of the next take you have to
spend time to get in while you’re actually speaking or working, and that
doesn’t work so well because your character needs to be a full person at all
times. Your character is not a piece of you, a piece of your
character, a piece from here and there. That doesn’t work. It has to be a full
person in your body.

Did you read the book beforehand to
understand your character or subject matter?

I did read the book and
that did give me a feel for the story, but I would say that Stephen was, by
far, the most helpful source of anything during the filming, because he was
amazing. He was always willing to help me with whatever questions I had, be
they directly related to the production shooting, or be they just something
general about his experience on 9-11, or filmmaking in general. I mean, he was
really helpful.

Talk about the special and playful relationship
between your character and Tom Hanks’.

Well, it was really cool. I
mean, we were in our characters and all, but our characters were having a sure
fun time. Like especially that scene I remember when we were fighting over the
newspaper clipping. That was a lot of fun to do because it showed a playful
side of both of our characters that really hadn’t been expressed that much
before. And he’s a very good wrestler, in a way. It was very hard to get that
thing out of the air. Oof!

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close is in Cinemas from 17th February.

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