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Over the next few weeks Filmjuice is going to be looking at how we think Hollywood can increase the success rate of any film. Whether it’s adding a particular actor to the cast list, getting a specific writer to add his touch of magic or maybe a director who has a knack for injecting something a little bit special into a story.

Over the next few
weeks Filmjuice is going to be looking at how we think Hollywood can increase the
success rate of any film. Whether it’s adding a particular actor to the cast
list, getting a specific writer to add his touch of magic or maybe a director
who has a knack for injecting something a little bit special into a story.

This week we’re
taking in those lovely ladies who bring a poise and grace that would otherwise
be lacking from a film. It’s tougher for the fairer of the species as there are
rarely strong female leads written that aren’t being played by Angelina Jolie.
However, this list proves that when it’s done right, it’s done brilliantly. You
won’t find Mrs. Pitt here, nor the Oscar behemoth that is Meryl Streep, but
those actresses who lend something unique to the screen, something that lifts a
film to levels it wouldn’t otherwise make.

Julianne Moore
If there is a better
actress currently plying their trade in movies we are yet to see them. Julianne
Moore simply goes from strength to strength. Even when wallowing in the mire of
tripe like Assassins, alongside Sly Stallone, she still shines. It is her
ability to always own a part, never allowing it to go too big or too small.
Just look at her in last year’s The Kids Are All Right. The way she manages
convince as both confident and conflicted all in one simple hands on hips
gesture is a master-class of screen perfection.
Defining Moment:
The list is endless but in Boogie Nights it is Moore
who transcends the seedy porn subject matter to become a maternal character so
warm and tender that you weep for her desperate need to be loved.
Up Next:
The Seventh Son alongside Jeff Bridges as a woman who
may teach Ben Barnes how to deal with ghosts, witches and boggarts.

Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Helen MirrenOK it’s a bit of
a cheat to role them all into one, especially as they are all hands down
amazing enough to occupy their own individual places, but the fact remains that
these three are stalwarts of the silver screen. Like a Robert De Niro, Marlon
Brando or Humphrey Bogart, these three are the kind of actresses who will go
down in history as the greatest. It doesn’t matter if their appearance is
fleeting, as with Judi’s Oscar winning performance in Shakespeare In Love and
Maggie’s always delightfully cheeky cameos in Harry Potter, or film carrying
leads with Helen’s portrayal of the Queen, we will never do anything but
worship and adore these three goddesses.
Defining Moment:
There are so many to choose but Mirren, quite simply
put, is The Queen.
Next Up:
Mirren has been waiting for The Debt to be released
for too long, while Dench and Smith will both appear in The Best Exotic
Marigold Hotel.

Kristen Wiig
This year’s
Bridesmaids may have set Wiig’s career meteoric but she’s been plying her
unique sense of ditzy humour for quite some time. A glance at most of the best
comedies of the past decade have appearances, sometimes fleeting, from the
Saturday Night Live alumni. It’s her innate ability to be compelling loveable
with just a hint of cartoonish charm. Thanks to the success of Bridesmaids
we’ll be treated to a lot more of her unique whiles.
Defining Moment:
Her subtle yet brilliantly scene stealing turn in
Next Up:
In her pet project Imogene as a playwright whose
failed suicide sees her have to move back in with her alcoholic mother.

Rachel McAdams
McAdams is one of
those actresses who is so wonderfully heartfelt that she warms the screen with
her very presence. She can do drama, see The Notebook, she can nail comedy,
remember her as chief Plastic in Mean Girls, but she can also balance them both
by being a ballsy supporting female. If you ever needed proof of the punch her
performances can bring see her go toe-to-toe with Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren
in State Of Play, and win.
Defining Moment:
While it might not be a great film McAdams’ turn in
The Family Stone is delightfully manipulative and cutting.
Next Up:
She’ll return for Sherlock Holmes; Game Of Shadow but
is also attached to the next Terrence Malick film, if ever justification of her
being on this list were needed.

Jennifer Lawrence
Yes she’s
unnervingly young but Lawrence continues to dazzle in her still burgeoning
career. From her staggering, and Oscar nominated turn, in Winter’s Bone she has
been the best thing in all of her film’s to date. In X-Men: First Class she
brought just that, a sense of class, in The Beaver she brought emotion and
damaged soul where the talent of Mel Gibson should have been the best thing on
display. It’s safe to say that Lawrence could well go onto have the kind of
career of a Streep or a Jolie.
Defining Moment:
As the gutsy and tougher than your average teenager
in Winter’s Bone
Next Up:
Taking the lead role of Katniss in the adaptation of
best selling book The Hunger Games.

Marion Cotillard
Perhaps it is the
seductive French accent, or maybe the larger than life eyes but there is
something wonderfully hypnotic about Cotillard. From her wonderfully
provocative performance in, the otherwise dour, A Good Year to her Oscar
winning role as Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose Cotillard never fails to
seductively draw you into her performance. It’s no coincidence that Hollywood’s
go-to director of choice right now, Mr. Christopher Nolan, insisted on casting
her in Inception and now The Dark Knight Rises. Let’s be honest the man knows
talent when he see it and Cotillard has it to burn.
Defining Moment:
The Oscar nominated part is too easy so we’re going
for her wonderfully real and endlessly funny tantrum in Little White Lies. That
it was directed by her partner might of only helped matters.
Next Up:
Teaming up with Nolan again for The Dark Knight Rises,
but before that appearing in another big name director, Steven Soderbergh’s

Natalie Portman
We here at
Filmjuice are slightly possessive of Miss Portman. It’s something to do with
her break-out role in Leon that stirs our most loving feelings about her. It is
fair to say that Portman doesn’t do anything other than brilliant. Even when she
is given bad material, we’re looking at your Mr. Lucas, she still shines
brighter than her co-stars. While she has always nailed dramatic roles more
recently she has proved to possess a very talented funny bone. This year’s Your
Highness and No Strings Attached may have been flawed but still she shone
through. To balance this much acting talent with a slightly grungy, yet cute,
edge to it, see Closer as an example, should not really be possible, yet
achieve it she does.
Defining Moment:
Black Swan is the obvious choice, which is stunning,
but if you’ve seen Beautiful Girls you will appreciate just how much talent
this actress had at such a tender age.
Next Up:
Well she’s just had a baby so is due a break but she’s
rumoured to be attached to Adaline, about an immortal girl.

Cate Blanchett
Like Julianne
Moore, Blanchett is that ever-dependable actress. She brings enough gravity to
any role to make the sun spin round her. Actresses who start in soaps are not to
be this talented yet Blanchett is one of Hollywood’s finest. She’s got the look
of a classic Hollywood starlet and the acting chops to rival anyone. Flitting easily
from drama, see in particular Notes On A Scandal, to comedy, wonderfully dry in
The Life Aquatic, to outright pantomime villainess in this year’s brilliant
Hanna. In other words she’s got it all.
Defining Moment:
Out of left field but we loved her in Hanna. It’s the
sinister malevolence combined with a maternal desire that makes the role so
Next Up:
She’s returning to Middle Earth for the two Hobbit
films, naturally.

Vera Farmiga
One of those
actresses who is never the bride but always a stunning bridesmaids. She’s the
very definition of model professional making every role uniquely hers while
never trying to steal the limelight from her co-stars. In this year’s Source
Code she gave the part a strong resolve where others would have allowed it to
go missing in all the high concept thrills on offer. In Up In The Air she more
than held her own against a career best George Clooney and never forget that this
was the woman who shared screen time with Leo DiCaprio and Matt Damon in The
Departed and came out looking stunning, strong and a damn fine actress to boot.
Put her in any film and we’ll happily see it just for her gracious screen
Defining Moment:
Having dinner with Matt Damon in The Departed. It’s
like a game of cat and mouse but it’s never clear who is which.
Next Up:
Starring opposite Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds
in action movie Safe House. This girl can bring it.

Emma Stone
With the likes of
Jennifer Lawrence and now Stone on the list, Hollywood is certainly not short
on young up and coming talent and Stone is the pinnacle of that. Early doors
she was setting herself apart from the rest of the ‘teen’ crowd by bringing a
world-weary maturity to roles in Superbad and Easy A. These days she’s made the
jump to adult roles seem effortless with upcoming films The Help and Crazy,
Stupid Love. Ironically it was her red hair that made her stand out from the
other plastic blondes on offer but it’s all a rouse, she is in fact a natural
blonde. Add to that her wonderfully husky voice and this girl’s going to be
blitzing Hollywood for many years to come.
Defining Moment:
As the ball busting, Ferris Bueller homage, Olive in
Easy A.
Next Up:
She’ll be swept off her feet, literally, as the all
new sparkly Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Alex Moss Editor

Alex Moss’ obsession with film began the moment he witnessed the Alien burst forth from John Hurt’s stomach. It was perhaps ill-advised to witness this aged 6 but much like the beast within Hurt, he became infected by a parasite called ‘Movies’. Rarely away from his computer or a big screen, as he muses on Cinematic Deities, Alex is “more machine now than man. His mind is twisted and evil”. Email:

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