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Are You A Harry Potter Geek?

As you know, the uber successful Harry
Potter franchise is drawing to a close this Friday with the release of Harry
Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. But, please, dry those eyes as to
console your crying souls and help keep the spirit of Potter and his pals
alive, we’ve found the best Harry Potter merchandise on the market. Not only
will they cheer you up, they also make awesome presents and are ideal for
having a Harry Potter party, why not? And, if you find yourself owning many of
these items already you know for sure you’re an ultimate Harry Potter geek!

The Essential

Harry Potter Spectacles £2.99

Can you resist? Any little man or big kid will look like a
real Harry Potter sporting Potter spectacles. To Buy at £2.99, Click Here.

Harry Potter Action Figure From Order of the

Every obsessed Potter fan needs a model of its key
characters to create their own adventures with the Potter clan. Start with
Harry and then collect his friends. It can be yours at £14.99 – Click Here.

Harry Potter Lord
Voldemort Wand

Recreate your favourite Harry Potter movie moments with
this authentic replica of Lord Voldemort’s wand. Be a bad-ass and get yours for £25.86 – Click Here.

Harry Potter Movie Prop
Time Turner

Featured in the movie Harry Potter
and the Prisoner of Azkaban, this is an exact replica of Hermione’s Time-Turner
and is Plated in 24 karat gold! It’s a bit pricey at £40.73 – but a true HP geek will think it priceless. To Buy, Click Here.

The Weirdest

Eye Moody Interactive Wand Set

Replica Mad Eye Moody wand game, electronic and interactive
which feature spell conjure sound effects, spell energy light indicators &
light-up wand tip. The Mad-Eye magical eye rotates and spins just like the
Auror’s own eye. Got your eye on it? Buy it Here for £23.99.

Rubies Harry Potter Broom

As seen
in the movies this is the official 3ft Harry Potter broom. It doesn’t look very
good for housework though! A clean sweep at £11.98 – Click Here.

Potter Adult Voldemort Hands

To be
honest, were not sure where one might use these but we do know they look damn
freaky! Handy at the price of £19.99 – To Buy Click Here.

Hogwarts House Pin

Again, it’s
our guess how you’d use them but we’re sure any discerning Harry Potter fan
will know how to put this set of 5 finely detailed
and hand enamelled pins of the Hogwarts Shield and individual House Crests to
good use.To Buy at £22.16 – Click Here.


Potter Final Chal
lenge Chess Set

elegant chess set is a unique collector’s item that comes with a certificate of
authenticity.A snip at £379.99 – Buy Here.

Lucius Malfoy Cane & Wand

An authentic recreation of the notorious wizard’s wand and
walking stick lucius Malfoy cane. The
wand is secretly hidden inside the walking stick! So two for the price of one at £74.99 and to be purchased Click, Here.

Harry Potter Hogwarts
Express 21 inch Model £144.99

a sturdy 4kg this superbly detailed Hogwarts Express model is the ultimate in
Harry Potter model memorabilia. You’ll be chuffed to know it can be yours at £144.99. To Buy – Click Here.

Have we not fixed your Harry Potter Fix? More collectors items can be found right HERE.

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