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Everyone loves a caper movie; they’re exciting, sexy, full of twists and turns and the audience is always rooting for the robbers. In Ocean’s Eleven, you root for Danny Ocean to succeed because pulling off the crime means he al...

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Utterly quotable and beloved by everyone in San Diego, Anchorman’s following is worldwide and smells of rich mahogany. Put it this way, it’d be hard to find someone who a) has never seen the film or b) doesn’t know a line from ...


Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Aside from the many discussions you may have read on the treatment of the lead actresses on this movie, you will undoubtedly have run into stories regarding the graphic sex scenes that appear in Blue Is The Warmest Colour.  Act...

Any Day Now

A gay couple’s struggle to keep and take care of a child in need will always make for a compelling drama and Any Day Now would be no different if it weren’t for the lack of actual drama.   Viewers will wait almost an hour befor...



With the musical chimes of cash registers still ringing in Disney and Pixar executives’ ears, it was only a matter of time before they tried to replicate the almost-too-easy success of those bland movies with this week’s releas...
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The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mum

Tara John’s directorial debut is the coming-of-age story of Elizabeth (Julia Sarah Stone), an 11-year-old on the brink of an adolescence that is taking its sweet time in getting here and making a woman of Elizabeth in ‘70s Cana...


Love On A Pillow

French New Wave cinema of the 50s and 60s might seem pretty niche and inaccessible but that’s only true if you don’t like films with subtitles, can’t relate to anything but American films and don’t even know where the world cin...

Dracula Prince Of Darkness

Sparkly Twilight vampires might be all the rage right now but you just can’t beat a good old fashioned Dracula movie.


Whispers Of The Heart

Fans of animation have come to expect great things from Studio Ghibli

Toy Story

Just in time for Christmas, Disney are releasing the wildly successful Toy Story trilogy on 3D Blu-ray, joining the other Disney re-releases Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. There’s still some debate over how effective 3...