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Edge of Darkness Cinema

We all love 1980s revivals; Starsky and Hutch, Charlies Angels and the much anticipated A-Team. If it was good then, it will be good now, right? Unfortunately, Martin Campbell’s Edge of Darkness shows that some things do ...

Countdown To Zero

Countdown to Zero traces the history of the atomic bomb from its origin to the present state of affairs, and argues that despite the fact that nuclear war has receded from the public mind since the end of the Cold War


Michelangelo Antonioni Releases

As part of their ‘Masters Of Cinema’, Eureka has recently re-released two of Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni’s middle period films: Le Amiche (The Girlfriends) and La Signora senza Camelie (The Lady wi...

The Oath DVD

The story of two men who meet in Yemen in the mid-1990s and join Al Qaida, only to end up taking very different paths in life, Laura Poitras’s The Oath is constructed more in the manner of a political thriller than an ord...


Norwegian Wood

Turning a well loved book into a feature film is always a dangerous game. Devotees of the story in its original format will always have their own images of the characters in their minds, and achieving the breadth and depth of a...