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The trailer for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s alternative western El Topo asks you to “be prepared for the most wonderful experience of your life”


In 2011, the Venice Film Festival awarded Shinya Tsukamoto’s latest feature film Kotoko, the prestigious orizzonti award.


Free Men

Free Men tells the story of how Algerian immigrants played a key role in World War 2, specifically to the French resistance.

Madness Movies

This week, Director Tanya Wexler takes a light look at the subject of mental health with her acclaimed comedy, Hysteria. However, as Greg Evans discovers, while some film makers have laughed in the face of adversity, others hav...


The Exorcist; Good Film, Bad Film

Love it or hate it? There are some movies that we love and some that we love to hate. In the first in a regular series, FilmJuice, takes a look at some of cinema’s biggest name movies and asks: good film or bad film?

Books To Films

Lush and lavish aristo-romance Anna Karenina opens in UK cinemas this week. But, as Tolstoy’s busty beast is squeezed into the over-tight bodice of film, many fans are already asking: why? Why turn any great novel into a film w...


Cops In Movies

“Get you’re trousers on, you’re nicked.” Yes, The Sweeney is back! And they haven’t had their dinner yet. So, jump into that Blue and White Austin 1100 and join Greg Evans as he careers through a smorgasbord of film...

Fallen Angels

Since the mid 1990’s Wong Kar Wai has crafted a much respected and beloved filmography that has delighted critics and fans the world over.


European Wonders – Best Of The Rest

Over the past months, Greg Evans has taken us on a colossal cinemagraphic tour of the very best of European film. We’ve admired the artistic flair of France. The decadence of Italy. The epic magnitude of Germany. The myst...

The Best Of British Part 2

The Wicker Man, Passport To Pilmico, 28 Days Later. The battered but beloved British film industry has produced some classics in its time – and we all have our favourites. So fire up the Olympic torch, hoist up those Union Jack...