Guilty Of Romance

In Films, G by Jack Jones

Guilty of Romance is unfortunately a frightfully mundane film despite all of its ambitions to shock and provoke. Director Sion Sono may have established a reputation as a controversial filmmaker, …

Man On A Ledge

In Films, M by Jack Jones

Sam Worthington stars in this mightily silly but highly entertaining thriller about a convicted criminal on the run who is willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to prove his …

Awakening, The

In A, Films by Jack Jones

The Awakening is a Gothic chiller akin to Juan Antonio Bayona’s superb The Orphanage and the now infamous The Sixth Sense.

You Instead

In Films, Y by Jack Jones

By Jack Jones – When you look at the history of the Rock-Mockumentary, though admittedly a small genre, there is little to compare to the genius of This Is Spinal …


In Films, T by Jack Jones

By Jack Jones – Céline Sciamma’s third full-length feature is a fine example of the value of a sensitive and conscientious filmmaker.

Days Of Heaven

In D, Films by Jack Jones

By Jack Jones Days of Heaven is arguably Terrence Malick’s greatest film. Whether you can actually call Malick’s on-screen creations films or a form of visual poetry is debatable but …

In Time

In Films, I by Jack Jones

In a future where the human race stops aging at the age of 25 but are engineered to live only one more year, time is a precious commodity and has …

Debt, The

In D, DVD/Blu-ray, Films by Jack Jones

While a certain John le Carré adaptation takes all the limelight at the moment, it may be a surprise that there’s another espionage related thriller about to hit cinemas. The …

Three Musketeers, The

In DVD/Blu-ray, T by Jack Jones

When Alexandre Dumas wrote his sprawling novel about a band of sword-wielding adventurists, he could hardly have anticipated the state in which his classic tale now currently exists.