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May I Kill U? DVD

By Louis Trythall Stuart Urban’s May I Kill U? is not a film lacking in ambition. At a moment in time when social networks loom over our landscape like colossal, unscalable mountains – shaping, denying and mediating...

12 In A Box

By Louis Trythall Calling 12 In A Box a comedy starring Miranda Hart would be misleading on two counts. Firstly, Hart takes over thirty minutes to even make an appearance – and when she does, has less than ten minutes scr...


Turn Me On, Goddammit

By Louis Trythall Jannicke Systad Jacobsen’s debut feature Turn Me On, Goddammit begins abruptly with a voiceover. “Empty road. More empty road. Empty road with tractor. Mailboxes. House with satellite dish. Youth c...