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Men In Black 3 DVD

It’s somewhat fitting that this third instalment of the franchise – released 10 years after Men In Black II – finds itself concerned with time-travelling back to the past

Rock Of Ages

The rock scene in the 80s was a setting for all kinds of sordid debauchery and over-indulgence


Immortals DVD

The Greek myths and legends are so on trend right now.

Men In Black 3

Like the slowly blowing tumbleweed that whistles through the dilapidated small Texas town


Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Not many threequels have a hope of receiving much critical acclaim – the rule tends to be that quality dips with every sequel. If that wasn’t a bad enough sign, this third Transformers film has a lot of making up to...

Horrible Bosses

Everyone has had a boss that they’ve hated. Some may have even had homicidal daydreams about offing them.


Green Lantern

The latest set of Batman movies has seemingly paved the way for all superhero films to be ‘dark and gritty’ and grounded in reality. While this has made for popular, adult-toned movies, there is the danger that thes...


Like many comedy actors with a distinctive style, Russell Brand tends not to venture outside of his comfort zone too much. If a director is looking for an actor to portray an intense resentment or yearning, they’ll probably cas...


Amazing Spider-Man, The

Sandwiched between this year’s Avengers Assemble and The Dark Knight Rises, anticipation for this fresh instalment of the web-slinging wall-crawler has been fairly muted.

Shutter Island Cinema

The themes explored within Shutter Island marks a significant departure from Scorsese’s usual awards-worthy films. There is no consideration of a society at odds, nor any insight into a criminal uprising in America. Inste...