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Inside Llewyn Davis

Riding high on the success of their biggest commercial hit to date (True Grit), Inside Llewyn Davis is a change of tack for the Coen Brothers and one of their most curious, slight and inaccessible films to date.  Following a st...
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Kelly + Victor

Kelly + Victor is the feature debut of Welsh director Kieran Evans.  On his search for a story that spoke to him he discovered the 2002 novel by Niall Griffiths, a gritty and harrowing romance about young love gone bad. Victor ...

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8 1/2

In 2013, the question for Italian director Federico Fellini’s seminal work 8 1/2 is does it stand up to it’s reputation as an iconic masterpiece?  The answer is a hearty yes, if your cinematic vocabulary hasn’t solely been taug...
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The Look Of Love

A personal passion project of Steve Coogan’s, The Look of Love reunites him with director Michael Winterbottom (24 Hour Party People, The Trip) to tell the tragicomic true story of Paul Raymond, the man who built a fortune on e...

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A Late Quartet

A Late Quartet is a model of class, directed with confidence, acted to perfection and boasting a rare and potent classical soundtrack.  First time director Yaron Zilberman explores the subculture of classical musicians, their d...
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My Left Foot

My Left Foot tells the inspirational true story of Christy Brown, a writer and artist born in Dublin in 1932.  It was years before he could express himself, even by speech, because he was born with severe cerebral palsy.  Direc...

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Billy Liar Review

Oscar winning director John Schlesinger, best known for Midnight Cowboy (1969) had an early triumph in 1963 with Billy Liar, a challenger for the following year’s Dr. Strangelove as the funniest film ever made.  Tom Courtenay s...

Short Circuit

Eighties cult classic Short Circuit is pure daft fun.


Room 237

Some films stay with you forever and ever and ever.

Hitchcock And Welles

Alfred Hitchcock. Orson Welles. Two names that instantly inspire admiration and fascination in the heart of any self-respecting cineaste.