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Bad-ass BBC Women on Blu-ray

Over the last few years, the BBC have brought their A-game to their drama output with some truly unforgettable and compelling shows – and if you’re looking for bad-ass women, look no further than the following three dramas. Whether you like gangsters, clones or talking polar bears, there’s something for everyone here. Read on…


One of the most acclaimed and beloved dramas ever broadcast on the BBC, this historical crime saga needs no introduction. With impeccable writing, magnificent cinematography and a killer soundtrack, the series deserves every superlative bestowed upon it – but perhaps its’ greatest asset is the performance of the late, great Helen McCrory. As Polly, the aunt to Cillian Murphy’s Tommy and his siblings, she steals every scene as the fearless treasurer of the Peaky Blinders. It is truly a powerhouse performance that serves now, sadly, as a bittersweet reminder of her McCrory’s incredible talent. While it remains to be seen how Peaky Blinders’ final season deals with her tragic loss, the first five seasons belong to her and her unforgettable performance.

PEAKY BLINDERS: THE COMPLETE SERIES 1-5 is available now on Blu-ray


While Orphan Black’s inclusion in this article might be something of a cheat – it is a BBC America production – it is certainly deserving of the critical acclaim and accolades it has earned since it aired its final season back in 2017. Led by Tatiana Maslany’s award-winning performance as several genetically identical human clones, this mesmerising sci-fi thriller takes viewers on a compelling and thought-provoking journey with a densely layered narrative. The series entirely belongs to Maslany, though. It is no overstatement to say her performance is one of television’s finest, giving each of her characters such unique and distinctive characteristics that you’ll forget the same performer is behind each of them. A remarkable feat of acting, with a bloody good series around it. 

ORPHAN BLACK: THE COMPLETE SERIES is available now on Blu-ray


Based on Philip Pullman’s beloved book series, this big-budget fantasy drama is a series that wouldn’t look out of place on the big screen. Bursting with epic adventure, an all-star cast, and magnificent special effects, His Dark Materials is an unmissable series that whisks viewers away to a multi-world reality full of magic and mystery. Led by the young Dafne Keen as Lyra and Ruth Wilson as Marisa, this series delivers not one but two incredible female characters with Wilson delivering a particularly commanding performance. While this series is still in its early days and hasn’t yet quite hit the heights of the above shows in this article, it is certainly off to a remarkable start and offers a fantastical adventure for the whole family to enjoy.

HIS DARK MATERIALS: SEASONS ONE & TWO is available now on Blu-ray

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