Bad Santa 2 Bags A Director

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Bad Santa, the film starring Billy Bob Thornton, looks to have bagged itself a new writer director for the sequel in the shape of Entourage creator Doug Ellin.  At one point last year it looked as though Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink was going to bring Bad Santa back to the big screen but he seems to have been slung in a sack somewhere allowing Ellin to enter the fray.  Ellin might be a trifle busy himself at the moment with him working on bringing Entourage to the big screen but Billy Bob Thornton has apparently cleared a space in his schedule and is anxious to return to the role.  In the first film, Thornton played a drunk, rude con man who posed as a department store Santa in order to rob the place.  But when he made friends with a strange young boy the plans started to unravel.  Ellin is said to be currently re-drafting a script from Johnny Rosenthal in order to direct the film this autumn.  So, are you ready for more Bad Santa?  Source – Deadline