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Bedways DVD

sex in this experimental film.

is the kind of low-budget, Indy spirited, experimental film that someone like
Steven Soderbergh does in-between other projects to pass the time (see The
Girlfriend Experience (2009) and Full Frontal (2002) as examples). The problem is that at the
centre of a Soderbergh venture is always a message, an idea or a character that
peaks the interest. Bedways strives to find all of these but fails

in a run down Berlin apartment aspiring director Nina (Mayet) wants to make a
film about love. In order to finite her idea she asks actors Hans (Faust) and
Marie (Cooper) to screen test in a series of planned sexual and emotional

of the quotes about Bedways is “only Lars von Trier has been more explicit
. This is all well and good to aim for but if it does not serve a
purpose then you are left feeling cold on viewing. Yes there are explicit sex
scenes that border on pornography, but in an age of endless Internet porn is
this really expected to either titillate or offend? Suffice to say it does neither.

the concept is at times confusing, in so far as it is deliberately ambiguous as
to what is real and what is acting, the film does raise some interesting ideas.
Nina especially is a master manipulator and it is through her, and Mayet’s
performance, where the film finds a solid ground to stand on.
However, just as
you feel that a point is beginning to blossom director Kahl rushes back to
another sexual encounter.

shot and with provoking ideas of love and relationship, unfortunately Bedways
falls short of being what it intends by refusing to conform or focus on any one

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