In DVD/Blu-ray by Samuel Love

As Halloween approaches, Warner Bros Home Entertainment have finally given the 4K treatment to Tim Burton’s finest film – the hilariously spooky Beetlejuice.

Like the titular bio-exorcist himself, Beetlejuice is a film that needs no introduction. The much-loved favourite is not only Burton’s best but also presents career highs for almost everyone involved, especially the great Michael Keaton who truly steals the show as the chaotic poltergeist. Despite only appearing in the film for just shy of 15 minutes, Keaton’s manic presence is felt throughout and makes the film his own. While his energy and command of the audience does occasionally make the scenes without him feel lacking, it’s thankfully never too long until we get some of his trademark chaos.

Thought of now as a comedy classic, it’s easy to forget just how scary Beetlejuice is – there are some frights here that hold up very well, thanks to the ghoulish production design that has since become something of a Burton trademark. Some of the sequences in the Netherworld have lost none of their power to shock, while this new 4K transfer brings out every frightening bit of the staggering attention to detail in the character and world design.

Warner Bros have consistently proven themselves to be the absolute masters of catalogue releases on the 4K format, and this spectacular disc is no exception. Boasting a truly stunning transfer that breathes new life into Burton’s iconic visuals thanks to a native 4K transfer and HDR10, Beetlejuice has never looked better. An all-new Dolby Atmos track also gives the film’s lively sounds – and Danny Elfman’s wonderful score – added kick.

Beetlejuice looks and sounds better than ever thanks to this passionate 4K re-release, while the film has lost none of its ability to entertain. Tim Burton’s masterpiece.