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British sci-fi shocker Beyond portrays a post-alien-invasion earth, racks up over a million trailer views!

On digital download from 15th December and DVD 12th January 2015

Fast Sell:

Keep your eyes to the skies. Don’t go out at night. And, whatever you do, don’t fall in love…

Beyond is a British science-fiction shock-fest which sees alien- invasion survivors Cole (Richard J. Danum) and Maya (Gillian MacGregor) embarking on a journey to salvage a life for themselves in a ruined UK. But all the while, a giant spaceship looms over the earth, abducting anyone foolish enough to go out after hours.

With the trailer hitting over a million views, anticipation for this low-budget / high-ambition British science-fiction thriller is high.

Key talent:
Gillian MacGregor (A Lonely Place To Die)
Paul Brannigan (The Angels Share, Under The Skin) Richard J. Danum (Dumar)
Kristian Hart (Taggart, Monarch Of The Glen

For a brief moment in history, the world stood still. All eyes and minds focused on the skies and the colossal, unidentified object that was discovered on a collision course with Earth.

Now, shrouded in mystery, the vast alien spacecraft looms ominously in sight above Northern Europe bringing with it an uncertain future. Amidst the chaos of the ensuing global

catastrophe one young couple, searching for their infant daughter, their lost relationship and the hope of salvation embark on a perilous journey across a beautiful but treacherous landscape.

They are driven on by hope, confronting their own demons while forced to survive in a world that stands on the brink of collapse.

Survival is a choice…

We like it because:

Suspenseful, intense and beautifully shot, Beyond is the sort of classic science-fiction tale that’s really starting to come back into fashion. It’s a return to stories involving big concepts with a focus on the humans at the heart of the story.

Like Monsters (the first sci-fi from Godzilla / future Star Wars director Gareth Edwards) before it, the aliens in Beyond are a backdrop for an exploration of the relationship between the two leads, and it’s a relationship that develops and changes significantly over the course of the film.

Like Blue Valentine, Beyond moves between past and present – we see Cole and Maya as they fall in love, and as they struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world – cutting back and forth between both. This smart technique adds edge, intrigue and heart to the story.

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