Bruce Campbell Says Army Of Darkness 2 Is Happening

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Bruce Campbell, the big-chinned star of the original Evil Dead franchise, has been speaking at Wizard World Nashville Comic Con about the possibilities of an Evil Dead 4 or essentially an Army Of Darkness 2 film.  As fans of the original Evil Dead franchise will know, we last saw Ash, depending on which ending is considered Evil Dead cannon, fighting deadites in a contemporary supermarket or looking upon a scorched earth of the future.  Quite where the film will pick up is anyone’s guess but Campbell has said that it is essentially going to happen when his old pal Sam Raimi and he team up once again to bring Ash and his boom-stick back to fight the Evil Dead.  The plot thickens further with Campbell confirming that Fede Alvarez, the director who made this year’s Evil Dead remake, would make a sequel to his Evil Dead film while Army Of Darkness 2 is being made for the two franchises to finally combine for an Evil Dead 7.  Whether that means we’ll see Ash team up with Jane Levy’s chainsaw wielding Mia is anyone’s guess at this point.  So what do you think?  Are you ready for two, potentially three new Evil Dead films?  Source – Bloody Disgusting.