Butler Could Be The Raven

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Gerard Butler, the man who was last seen fighting terrorists in the White House for Olympus Has Fallen and soon to be heard in How To Train Your Dragon 2, is in talks to take the lead for The Raven.  Before Edgar Allen Poe fans get excited / worried, this has nothing to do with Poe’s work but instead will be a feature length film based on Ricardo de Montreuil’s short film, which you can watch below.  The film, which Mark Wahlberg’s company bought the rights to, sees a man in a dystopian future in possession of weapons that give him incredible powers.  With the government after him to either get their hands on the weapon or turn him into one he must flee their clutches.  De Montreuil will direct the film himself having recently re-drafted Justin Marks’ script with original short writer Antonio Perez’s help.  Before that Butler will be seen in submarine thriller Hunter Killer.  Source – The Wrap