Captain Planet Getting A Movie

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Waaay back in the ‘90s, before it was cool to care about the environment, Turner Broadcasting teamed with DIC Enterprises (behave) to bring to life the first environmental animated series; Captain Planet And The Planeteers.  The story told of five teenagers from around the world who each possessed a special ring that represented Earth’s powers; Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and, umm, Heart.  When these powers were combined they summoned the Superman-like hero that was Captain Planet who would prevent ecological disasters and defeat evil eco-villains.  Sony is in negotiations to bring the series to the big screen.  Given the current popularity of superheroes it was probably only a matter of time before Captain Planet got a look in but is there a market for a hero with a message?  It won’t be the first time Captain Planet has become live-action, with Don Cheadle playing him in a series of Funny Or Die sketches (see below), although it’s unlikely he’ll be in the running to play the film incarnation.  Source – The Hollywood Reporter