Carry On Girls!

In Features by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

Whether it’s Barbara Windsor’s seaside-postcard bubbly blonde, Joan Sims’ hysterically historical leading lady, Hattie Jacques’ authoritarian maiden aunt, or Valerie Leon’s statuesque strumpet, the Carry On girls were stoic, sexy, and fiercely independent.

Released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the film Carry On Girls, The Carry On Girls, by Gemma and Robert Ross, is the ultimate tribute to the era of saucy, silly, British crumpet. 

Far more than mere eye candy, these in-control, hard-working, and pioneering ladies were an early and earnest manifestation of Girl Power in the British film industry. 

In this lavish celebration of a pioneering generation of comedy actresses — who continue to radiate charm and contemporary relevance — a few home truths are revealed, and some myths are debunked. But, above all, this volume gives some of the best-loved icons of British entertainment lashings of both affection and respect.

Part directory, part snapshot of a lost industry, The Carry On Girls is the ultimate guide to the women who made us laugh, cry, and occasionally go ‘oooh’.

The Carry On Girls (ISBN: 9781803993409) is published by The History Press on 23rd November, priced £25 in hardback.