Case Histories Series 2

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ITV Studios Global Entertainment is proud to announce Case Histories Series 2 on DVD 3rd June 2013 

Jason Isaacs, Amanda Abbington, Zawe Ashton & Natasha Little

Guest Starring: Victoria Wood, Gary Lewis, James Cosmo, Maurice Roëves & Diana Quick

Jason Isaacs reprises his role of Jackson Brodie, a complex and compulsive private investigator who attempts to unravel disparate case histories in modern-day Edinburgh. In this celebrated and unique crime drama, Brodie delves into more dark tragedies of the past, which continue to resonate in the present. In series two, Jackson’s life doesn’t get any simpler. As he brings optimism and resolution to the lost and bereaved, Jackson continues to struggle with his own past and present. A professional mistake borne of personal confusion comes back to haunt him with repercussions for his integrity and his relationship with Louise Monroe. With inimitable warmth and wit, Jackson looks for love, complicated by a new woman in his life, the reappearance of Julia Land and an increasingly precocious daughter. But his most heroic act seems destined to become his biggest obstacle.