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American Pie: Reunion

The gang’s back together but can they still capture that gross-out humour now they’re all grown up?
October 13, 2011

A Man Vanishes

“A Man Vanishes”, Shôhei Imamura’s experimental 1967 film is almost impossible to categorize. It seems like it’s a documentary, a piece of investigative journalism into the disappearance of a man. But as
October 12, 2011

Avengers Assemble

A sum of many moving and disparate parts, Avengers Assemble was perhaps always going to underwhelm
October 11, 2011

As If I Am Not There

Based on true experiences that came out of the Bosnian War of the nineties and adapted from the novel by Croatian journalist Slavena Drakulic, Juanita Wilson’s As If I’m Not There is
September 22, 2011

Awakening, The

The Awakening is a Gothic chiller akin to Juan Antonio Bayona’s superb The Orphanage and the now infamous The Sixth Sense.
September 19, 2011

Attack The Block DVD

Joe Cornish proves that Pegg and Wright aren’t the only ones who can do stand-out British comedy horror movies. When you think of great horror comedies you think of An American Werewolf in London and Shaun of The
September 8, 2011


Like many comedy actors with a distinctive style, Russell Brand tends not to venture outside of his comfort zone too much. If a director is looking for an actor to portray an
September 8, 2011


When one thinks of European cinema, one is far more likely to think of France, Italy, Germany or Spain than one is to think of Greece. Greek cinema seldom wows festival audiences
August 30, 2011
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