Chalet Girl Cinema

In C, Films by Marcia Degia - Publisher

There’s probably a freezer labelled “Defrost in case of emergency” – a place where clichéd scripts are stored until they’re needed to plug a hole in a studio’s release schedule. …

Captain America Cinema

In C, Films by Chris Patmore

In the run up to The Avengers, which could prove to be the biggest and best (Marvel) superhero movie yet – after all it is written and directed by Joss …

Client 9

In C, Films by Chris Patmore

The recent Oscar-winning doc Inside Job gave a very clear picture of Wall Street’s complicity in the massive economic downturn (or depression as they used to be known), which affected …

Cell 211

In C, Films by Marcia Degia - Publisher

A move constant is that Prison Is Tough. From The Big House to Un Prophet, violence and brutality have always been top of the penal agenda

Cowboys And Aliens

In C, Films by Marcia Degia - Publisher

Cowboys and Aliens is not a subtle film. Cowboys and Aliens will never be mistaken for a subtle film. To be honest, Cowboys and Aliens is about three days hard …

Chico & Rita DVD/Blu-Ray Review

In C, DVD/Blu-ray by Marcia Degia - Publisher

A double-whammy with the senuous adult feature-animation Chico and Rita by two co-directors – Oscar winning Fernando Trueba (Belle Epoque) and artist/ designer Javier Mariscal; a deliciously sweet film with …

Concert, The DVD/ BR

In C, DVD/Blu-ray by Alex Moss Editor

A quaint dramady that manages to lift the heart and warm the soul but never quite manages to fine-tune the two together. The balancing act of two such different tones …