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I'm Still Here

In 2008, the multi-award-winning, Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix announced his retirement from acting to pursue a career in music. Not country music, following his successful portrayal of Johnny Cash, but rap/hip-hop. Na...

In Our Name

Deserved winner of the British Independent Film Awards 2010 for Best Upcoming Actor, Joanne Froggatt stars in Brian Welsh’s In Our Name – a slight twist on the well worn filmmakers’ take on post traumatic diso...


I Spit On Your Grave

The best example of the depths filmmakers will go to in order to shock and offend. In the 1980s the video nasty was almost something to aspire to for some filmmakers. Films of such a deplorable nature that they were deemed unfi...

Illusionist, The (French)

If ever a film deserved the term ‘whimsical’ it’s French animator Sylvain Chomet’s follow-up to the eye-wateringly, teeth-grindingly, irritatingly whimsical Belleville Rendez-Vous. Not to be confused wit...



Involuntary is essentially a series of five vignettes, snapshots of the interactions of groups in contemporary Sweden. The stories and characters are diverse, but are all based around one central theme: the nature of group dyna...