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Secret In Their Eyes, The

A beautifully tragic tale of how a violent crime ripples through the lives around it, realised through wonderful direction and breathtaking performances. When it was announced at last years Academy Awards ceremony that neither ...

Step Up 3D

Toe-tapping soundtrack and stunning choreography just about keep this dance movie afloat. Dance films have rapidly become mainstream film’s go-to genre for packing in the over-excitable teens. The reasons for this are obv...



WARNING! MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! Sometimes there’s nothing more enjoyable than a bad movie. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter that the screenwriter couldn’t write the F-word on a dusty Venetian blind, that the ac...

Social Network, The

David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin prove to be a match made in cinema heaven with this dark tale about the creation of Facebook. Some filmmakers are intrinsically connected to the modern zeitgeist. They have a sense of what needs t...


Sorcerer's Apprentice, The

From the man who brought us the massive movie franchise based on a Disney theme park ride comes a movie based on a scene from a Disney animation. OK, that movie happens to be the classic masterpiece Fantasia, and the scene is o...

Switch, The

A rom-com that adheres to the genre but is lifted by an on form Jason Bateman. While romantic comedies never go out of fashion they do go through fads. The current one seems to be that of the sperm donor and or surrogate, clear...