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Killer Elite

It’s tough being a globetrotting assassin. You spend a lot of time lurking in dusty, sweaty third world regimes, eating crap food and gunning down dodgy foreign types in front of their innocent, blood-spattered, doe-eyed childr...

Kill List

Ex-squaddie Jay (Neil Maskell) is not a happy bunny.



Two men, stripped to the waist, enter the shot, face each other. The rules are simple; no biting, no head-butting, no punching below the belt.

Kind Hearts & Coronets

Undoubtedly the finest comedy to come out of Ealing Studios. Louis Mazzini (Price) is the rightful heir to a dukedom but his aristocratic family, D’Ascoynes, have cut him out because his mother dared to elope with an Ital...