Chris Evans To Join The Ten O’Clock People?

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Chris Evans, last seen throwing his shield as Captain America in Avengers Assemble, could be set to head to Stephen King adaptation The Ten O’Clock People.  The story, taken from King’s Nightmares And Dreamscapes collection, tells the story of Brandon Pearce a man trying to give up smoking.  But in the process of doing so the chemical shift in his brain allows him to see people for what they really are and he soon begins to realise that some people are not in fact human but a race of being known as “batmen” who are slowing taking over the world.  With his paranoia growing Pearce joins a group of people trying to stop the evil race.  Fright Night director Tom Holland has been looking to direct this one for a while and at one point had Justin Long set to star in the role of Pearce.  While it languished in development for a while Long had to depart thanks to scheduling issues leaving room for Evans to potentially fill the role.  He was also in talks with Rachel Nichols at one point but it’s not clear if she signed on or will still be involved.  Evans is currently shooting Captain America: The Winter Soldier but will next be seen in The Iceman before heading off to sci-fi drama Snowpiercer.  Source – Deadline