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Cinema’s Bizarre Sex

The kinky, the hinky, the chucklesome and the just plain wrong. The magic of the moving image has been used to show it all. So join us as FilmJuice shares five of cinema’s most bizarre sex scenes. But remember… don’t try this at home folks …

Crash (1996)
When JG Ballard published his novel Crash in which its protagonists, including Ballard himself, become sexually aroused by staging and participating in car-crashes his publisher noted: “This author is beyond psychiatric help. Do not publish.” It was horror auteur David Cronenberg who finally brought Ballard’s disturbing vision to the big screen with a voyeuristic and sexually charged adaptation that shows it all but makes no judgements. Sex and car crashes? It takes all sorts.

Alien Resurrection (1997)
Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet said while working on this big budget sequel that he wanted the film’s hybrid Alien to have both male and female genitalia. In the end he decided that “even for a Frenchman it that too much” and the creature’s offending dangly bits were removed in post-production. His did however include one rather unnerving sex scene. From the moment that Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) starts getting all writhe-y with the Alien Queen we know we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Bride Of Chucky (1998)
He may be a doll but he’s anatomically correct. Yup, as the movie’s tag line tells us this is the film in which the murderous possessed doll Chucky gets lucky – with his very own voodoo-powered bride-doll, Tiffany. If you think dolls French kissing is bizarre, then wait and see what happens in the sequel, Seed Of Chucky. The clue’s all in the name.

Showgirls (1995)
It’s known as the “dolphin sex scene”. Not because any aquatic-mammals were actually hem … man-handled … but thanks to one particular ‘intimate’ moment. How Zack Carey (Kyle MacLachlan) and Nomi Mallone (Elizabeth Berkley) manage to have such acrobatic pool sex without either drowning or straining something is a mystery. Mr MacLachlan obviously has hidden talents.

Boa Vs Python (2004)
There’s just one scene that made viewers of this straight to video schlocher sit up and take notice when it was released back in the day. The infamous Python oral sex scene. Take one 80-foot snake, one couple making out in a car, shake liberally and site back while your brain silently mouths OMG.



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