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With the recent Inside Job delving into the wealthy lives of the suited and booted white collar worker, it seemed a good time to take a look at some popular movies workplaces. Would you want to work in them?

With the recent Inside Job delving into the wealthy lives of the suited
and booted white collar worker, it seemed a good time to take a look at some
popular movies workplaces. Would you want to work in them?

Film: Wall Street

Firm: Jackson Steinem & Co

Too much like hard work? You’ve not
only got to sign over your life to this sort of company if you want to make it,
but be rewarded with the sort of boss who’d screw you over faster than a banker
logging into his online portfolio. If you want an easy life, this perhaps isn’t
the right choice. Call Dunder Miflin or Wernham Hogg instead.

Film: Clerks

Firm: Quick Stop
Convenience Store

Too much like hard work? It looks
like a love of Star Wars
is a pre-requisite for a employees, although pretty much any slacker with a
serious dislike for customer service could fit in comfortably here. The
overtime might be a pain, but it could be the easiest buck you ever make.

Film: In Good Company

Firm: Sports

Too much like hard work? With an
ever-changing re-structure you could find you’re the boss one minute, a wingman
the next or facing redundancy after your charismatic publishing house owner
jumps ship shortly afterwards. On the plus side the boss has got a hot daughter
(Scarlett Johansson) so that helps.

Film: Glengarry Glen Ross

Firm: Mitch &
Murray Real Estate

Too much like hard work? If your idea
of motivation includes a severe
dressing down
, or you really like steak knives then perhaps this is the
place for you. Working in an office with Pacino, Spacey, Baldwin, Lemmon, Arkin
and Harris has got to have an upside surely? Although they’re really keen on
their ABC’s and closing deals a lot, in fact always closing deals, so if you’re
not a closer and you don’t like swearing, best work elsewhere.

Film: Secret of My Success

Firm: Pemrose Incorporated

Too much like hard work? If you want
to work in the city as a financier and fancy a company that doesn’t seem to
mind if mailroom boys masquerade as executive hot-shots in their spare time
then this is the place for you. The boss’ wife is pretty easy, there’s plenty
of office space and pretty soon you’ll end up taking over the joint. Now that’s
a high rise way to success.

Film: Made in Dagenham

Firm: Ford

Too much like hard work? Whoever said
a woman’s work is never done got it half right. Although men are relatively
scarce in the sewing machinist department there’s a good chance you’ll be on
strike for most of your time here (although not earning any money
unfortunately). Add in union pressure, disgruntled partners and unhappy bosses
and you’ll certainly make a name for yourself, even if you make little else.

Film: Jerry Maguire

Firm: Sports
Management International

Too much like hard work? Well they
don’t like change for one thing. Whatever you do don’t suggest the company
focus on people rather than money, draft a new mission statement and then flip
out when you’re let go. At least they take you out for lunch when they fire
you, and don’t stop you stealing
the goldfish on your way out
. Keep an eye out for any silver lying around
then if they’re this lax.

Film: Falling Down

Firm: Anonymous
Defence Contractor

Too much like hard work? Just a bit.
In fact chances are you’ll be pushed over the edge slightly. It’s not just the fact
they let you go at a moment’s notice, nor the bitch of a commute you’re forced
to suffer each day in the blistering heat but so ingrained are they in your
psyche you’ll be convinced you’re still working for them long after you’re off the

Film: Secretary

Firm: E. Edward Grey Law Firm

Too much like hard work? Well this is
really going to depend on your take on boss/secretary relationships, whether
you like being rewarded or punished for your work and just how much personal
space you enjoy. Let’s hope you get a comfy chair at least.

Film: The Godfather Trilogy

Firm: Corleone
& Son

Too much like hard work? Family
businesses are notoriously difficult to run. If it’s not rivals doing their
best to put you out of business it’s your closest friends doing the dirty on
you. Working here could seriously damage your health – even a nice office night out to the Opera
ends in disaster.

Marcia Degia - Publisher

Marcia Degia, who has worked in the media industry for more than 20 years, is the Publishing Editor of KOL Social Magazine. See website:

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