Damon To Return As Jason Bourne?

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Matt Damon surprised many when he took the lead in The Bourne Identity and became a bonafide action star.  The actor carried the franchise on his magazine chocking shoulders for the original trilogy finding particular success with director Paul Greengrass on the two sequels The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum.  But once the original Jason Bourne trilogy was finished Damon and Greengrass said they felt the story had been told and would not be returning for anymore.

Of course Universal had other ideas about the franchise and 2012’s The Bourne Legacy saw Jeremy Renner as a different agent gone rogue.  That film was scheduled to see its sequel released in 2016 but that is now about to change.  Because the word coming out of the Hollywood rumour mill is that both Damon and Greengrass are set to return taking that date for a Jason Bourne movie.  The pair had always said they wouldn’t return to the franchise unless there was a very special script that called them back into action.  That script must seemingly have arrived as Universal are looking to fast-track Jason back into the program in order to fill the slot left by the still developing Renner sequel.

Of course this could be a very sly way of merging the two Bourne franchises.  After all many wanted Renner’s Aaron Cross and Damon’s Jason Bourne to meet and go all vengeful on the CIA and the covert branches of government who have manipulated them.

As yet there is no official word from Universal on the project so it could all be pie in the sky.  The word is that Fast & Furious veteran director Justin Lin was set to direct the new Aaron Cross film but he’s also being targeted as a possible director for True Detective Series 2 which might free him up if the Cross film is put on the back burner.

So what do you think?  Do you want to see more of Damon kicking seven bells out of bad guys with all manner of improvised weapons?  Before all that Damon is about to start shooting on Ridley Scott’s The Martian as an astronaut stranded on Mars.  Source – Deadline Hollywood