David Fincher Returning To Black Hole

In News by Alex Moss Editor

David Fincher, the director who is currently hard at work on his adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, is set to return to a project he’d previously abandoned in the shape of Black Hole.  Before all you fans of Disney’s 1979 sci-fi opus get all excited this is not that Black Hole.  Instead it is an adaptation of Charles Burns’ graphic novel which is set in mid-‘70s suburban Seattle and tells the story of a group of kids suffering from a virus which is transmitted through sexual contact.  The virus takes on strange forms for each individual with many developing extra body parts, in one case a new mouth forms that always speaks the truth.  Burns’ novel is a dark and often disturbing look at alienated teenagers.  The film was originally set up at MTV with Neil Gaiman and Rover Avary writing the script but that version never came to fruition so Brad Pitt’s Plan-B productions are now producing the film.  It’s a typically dark source material for Fincher but the graphic novel has hints of a dark comedy not dissimilar to Fincher’s Fight Club.  Source – The Hollywood Reporter