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Available to own on DVD from 25th November 2013

Brought to you by Bwark Productions, the company behind smash hit comedy The Inbetweeners, and written by and starring Jessica Knappett (The Inbetweeners Movie), DRIFTERS is a brand new six-part comedy series available to own for the first time on DVD from 25th November.

When you’ve spent your loan in another continent and returned home to become your parents’ worst nightmare, your name is the only thing that’s true on your CV and you’ll do way too much to get a free drink, that’s when you know… you’re a Drifter.

Meg (Jessica Knappett) is 24 and she’s on her second gap year. In Leeds. She would be getting herself a ‘cool arty media-y job’ but life seems to be getting in the way a bit. She hasn’t had sex in twelve months, her ex won’t leave her alone and her work uniform is a mobile phone. Her two best mates, Bunny (Lydia Rose Bewley) and Laura (Lauren O’Rourke) are going through a similar quarter life crisis. Posh daydreamer Bunny is a ‘born entertainer’ struggling to come to terms with the mere idea of work as she waits for her call to ‘showbiz’. No nonsense northerner Laura is on the lookout for a quick fix, to ‘win the lottery or have a bad accident and get a compensation payout.’  For these girls, things aren’t quite going as planned at work (flyering), at home (Mum and Dad’s) and in the bedroom (walk in wardrobe). It’s a good job they’re all in this together.

DRIFTERS on DVD is packed with over an hour of exclusive extras including hilarious behind the scenes footage, video diaries, out takes, deleted scenes and audio commentary from Jessica, Lydia and Lauren on three memorable episodes.