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Supercar: The Complete Series

Film Information

Plot: Intrepid pilot Mike Mercury, takes to the skies in his fantastical, jet-powered Supercar.
Release Date: September 20th.
Format: Limited edition blu-ray.
Director(s): Gerry Anderson.
Cast: David Graham, George Murcell, Sylvia Anderson, Graydon Gould, Cyril Shaps.
BBFC Certificate: PG.
Country Of Origin: UK.
Language: English.
Review By: Paula Hammond.
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Bottom Line

Top-notch nostalgia.

Posted August 27, 2021 by

Film Review

Even if you’re not old enough to remember the thrill of Supermarionation the first time around, the chances are you grew up watching repeats of Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds and Terrahawks.

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s much-loved shows have been part of our collective childhoods seemingly forever. This September, Network are offering fans something very special: Supercar: The Complete Series on deluxe, limited edition Blu-ray. 

Supercar was Anderson’s first full half-hour series but was rarely repeated once British terrestrial TV switched to colour in 1969. As part of the celebrations for the show’s 60th anniversary, all 39 episodes have been upgraded from the original 35 mm film elements, offering fans the chance to finally grab a slice of the magic.

Intrepid pilot Mike Mercury (Graydon Gould) takes to the skies in his fantastical, jet-powered Supercar. With Professor Popkiss (George Murcell) manning the console, and the eccentric Dr Beaker (David Graham) providing his customary blend of erudition and genius, the stage is set for a classic adventure series that blends action, humour, and charm in equal measure.

At the time, Supercar was both technically sophisticated and offered the sort of dramatic storylines that were in stark contrast to the wacky or educational shows usually aimed at children. The result was an international hit, which paved the way for the likes of Fireball XL-5 (1962) and Stingray (1963), which became the first British TV series to be made entirely in colour. 

Today’s younger audiences may balk at the black and white visuals, and clunky puppetry, but let’s face it, you won’t be buying it for the kids. Top-notch nostalgia.

Paula Hammond - Features Editor

Paula Hammond is a full-time, freelance journalist. She regularly writes for more magazines than is healthy and has over 25 books to her credit. When not frantically scribbling, she can be found indulging her passions for film, theatre, cult TV, sci-fi and real ale. If you should spot her in the pub, after five rounds rapid, she’ll be the one in the corner mumbling Ghostbusters quotes and waiting for the transporter to lock on to her signal… Email:


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