Dwayne Johnson Will Be The Fall Guy

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, last seen juicing with Mark Wahlberg in Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain, is set to play The Fall Guy in the movie adaptation of the ‘80s TV show.  For those too young to remember, The Fall Guy saw Lee Majors as a Hollywood stuntman who made extra money on the side as a bounty hunter.  Back in 2011 the film to be directed by Casino Royale and The Mask Of Zoro director Martin Campbell with Nicolas Cage set to take on the lead role.  It seems both director and star have moved on to be replaced by Terminator Salvation director McG and the man-mountain that is Johnson.  Johnson certainly has the physical presence to convince as a modern stuntman and McG, despite his films often being slammed by critics, does know how to handle a good action scene.  Before that McG is currently working with Kevin Costner on Three Days To Kill while Johnson has a few tasks to perform for Brett Ratner in Hercules: The Thracian Wars.  Source – The Hollywood Reporter