Efron Could Be A Narc

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Zac Efron, who earlier this week was confirmed to star with Amber Heard in Autobahn, is in talks to star in Narc.  Panic not fans of Joe Carnahan’s gritty cop drama starring Ray Liotta, this is not a remake of that film.  No, written by Garrett Meyer, Narc tells the true story of a young man who was something of a college big shot; president of his fraternity, loved by all and captain of the lacrosse team.  He’s living the high life, literally, as one day he’s busted by the police for possession of cocaine which he was planning on distributing at a party.  His life looks to be in ruins until the cops cut him a deal; in exchange for not charging him, he’ll wear a wire for them and help them take down drug dealers.  While there is no director attached to the project yet, Fox are likely to find one quickly in the hope of guaranteeing Efron’s involvement.  Before that we’ll see Efron in Are We Officially Dating as well as comedy Townies.  Source – The Hollywood Reporter