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Film Xmas

Weird stuff for the Christmas stocking for a film geek… .

Weird stuff for the Christmas stocking for a film geek…

Eye Wear, £25-£50

– 3D is taking over moving images – even Martin Scorsese’s at it! Stand out
from the crowd with these super-hip selections of 3D glasses. Combining style
and performance in equal measure these Marchon glasses mean that whether you
are watching the footie in 3D at home or the latest 3D movie in the cinema
you’ll always look good! Also, they come in a staggering 25 different styles!

Harryhausen’s Fantasy Scrap Book
, £30
– Legendary and innovative animator Ray Hausen – whose
back catalogue includes Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans and One
Million Years BC – has raided his LA garage to create this definitive scrap
book of seen and unseen artefacts from his staggering 80 year career! It
features sketches, on set photographs of the filmmakers and his models, plus
nuggets of info from his lengthy career – such as the fact he tried to get War
of the Worlds

Galaxy Tab 10.1, £399 – Thinner and generally lighter than the iPad 2 the Galaxy Tab is
ideal for watching your favourite films. Complete with a 3MP
rear camera, built-in GPS, support for Adobe Flash in the browser (you still
have to download it on your own), 1290 x 800 screen resolution, Bluetooth and
Wi-Fi, the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor and Android tablet app; if you
get this in your stocking Christmas day your family will no doubt have to drag
you away from it for it dinner.

Harry Potter the complete
8 Film Collection
, £32.30

The franchise may be over but it will never be forgotten. Relive it moment by
moment post Christmas when there’s nothing better to do. Need we say more?

Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Clock, £27.99 – All we have to say on this one is: who doesn’t
want a Darth Vader helmet

Harry Potter Scene It? 2nd Edition DVD Game, £49.99 – Once you’ve made your family sit through the 8
DVD box set rope them into playing this game. Ideal for all Harry Potter

Superman Bath Robe, £40 – Who said you can’t look like a
Superhero first thing in the morning? Prove your sceptics wrong and demand they
buy you this Super – yes, super, super – Superman bath robe to don on Christmas
morning. Apparently that guy who wears the silly clothes in The Only Way is
Essex has one – Joey Essex, that’s his name!

Heidi Vella