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Final Destination 5 DVD

It is hard to think of many films that actually have more than
3 sequels – the most obvious of course are franchises such as Star Wars, Halloween or Harry Potter. Although many get to the point where
they are in talks to make movie number five, not many seem to make it. Final Destination however, has managed
to catch the interest of audiences and has pushed itself into a fifth
movie. But has it overplayed
itself? Is this actually ‘Final

In Final Destination
, a group of 20-something co-workers survive a fatal suspension-bridge
collapse when one of them has a premonition about the accident. However, they were not meant to survive
so Death becomes an invisible force that finds alterative grim ways to send
them to meet their maker. The
group soon discover that running is futile as they cannot escape Death’s
clutches. They must find a way to
cheat Death as it takes them down one by one in the order they were meant to

Audiences may be wondering how another Final Destination
movie can be justified when the last one to hit cinemas was entitled ‘The Final Destination.’ Everyone assumed that would be it – no
more ghastly teenage fatalities at the hands of Death – well in this franchise
anyway. However, Final Destination
5 is intended as a prequel to the original first movie. It harks back to the first movie in
several ways, revisiting the doomed Flight 180 with glimpses of original
characters such as William Bludworth (Tony
) and employs a similar storyline and structure.

Like in the first movie with Devon Sawa, the main character Sam (played by Nicholas D’Agosto) is a slightly geeky, pretty-boy who has
premonitions about the fatal accident.
Actor Miles Fisher who plays
Peter bears more than a resemblance to Tom
, so much so it is as if he has studied every acting gesture Cruise
has ever made. You might find
yourself concentrating on this a bit more than following the actual story and
then wonder what is going on half an hour later.

If you are a fan of this horror series and you revel in the
gross-out deaths, you may be slightly disappointed as they are not quite as
unique and freaky as those in the previous movies. There are still a few grotesque moments here and there
though and without spoiling the surprises, there are two in particular that do
have you wishing you could warn the characters in advance – well almost.

The extras on the DVD itself come in the form of an
Alternate Death Scene (which to be honest is a bit yawn-inducing), Visual
Effects from the bridge collapse scene and Circle of Death: an insight into the various deaths with
some interviews with cast and crew.
The latter two are fairly interesting, showing the various visual
effects employed on the movie such as chroma-keying, stunts and make-up.

There are undeniably some pretty decent special effects in
Final Destination 5 and you can see that some serious effort has gone in to
attempting to make this film a bit different. But, although the effects are interesting to watch and the
film itself is kind of enjoyable in its own way, it doesn’t fill you with much
enthusiasm and you feel kind of deflated afterwards. It really does seem that producers are milking this
franchise as much as they can. If
you like gore, grisly deaths and semi-decent special effects, Final Destination
5 is perhaps worth a watch but to be honest, if you have seen one Final
Destination movie you have seen them all.

Misha Wallace - Social Media Editor

From the age of 4, Misha Wallace became transfixed by movies like Halloween and The Birds from behind the couch, unbeknownst to her family. This has developed in to an obsession with fantasy and horror films (and a considerable number of cheesy 80s and 90s flicks – but she will not be judged). If she was a character in a film she'd be the girl at the end of a horror movie, doused in blood but grinning victorious. Email: or find her any time of the day or night on FilmJuice social media.

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