From Oblivion To The Twilight Zone For Kosinski

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Joseph Kosinski, the director behind TRON: Legacy and more recently Tom Cruise vehicle Oblivion, is now in talks to direct the long gestating, latest version of The Twilight Zone.  Warner Brothers and Leonardo DiCaprio have been trying to get the film off the ground for a while with numerous directors rumoured to have come and gone including Cloverfield’s Matt Reeves.  The film has also been through writers such as Sherlock Holmes’ Anthony Peckhman.  The Twilight Zone was originally TV series created in 1959 by Rod Sterling which saw ordinary people caught up in supernatural events that normally had a harsh morality to them.  It was later turned into a film in 1983, with directors such as John Landis and Steven Spielberg directing sections, before returning as a TV show in 1985 and then another short-lived incarnation of a TV show in 2002.  Kosiniski recently told Empire that he was a massive fan of the show growing up so it comes as no surprise he’s thrown his hat into the ring to direct a new version of the film.  Of course where this leaves his potential Black Hole remake or TRON sequel is a mystery.  Source – The Hollywood Reporter