Gallery Art At A Cinema Near You

In News by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

Season 3 of Exhibition On Screen launches with a feature-length documentary film, based on the landmark exhibition Goya: The Portraits at The National Gallery.

Goya – Visions Of Flesh And Blood will bring the dramatic life and extraordinary artistry of Francisco Goya to the big screen for the first time. As well as providing unrestricted access to the acclaimed exhibition Goya: The Portraits, the film builds a compelling portrait of the artist himself through insights from international experts, masterpieces from renowned collections and visits to the locations in which Spain’s most celebrated artist lived and worked.

Audiences will enjoy a front row seat to the National Gallery’s exhibition, guided by lead curator Xavier Bray. Filmed in exquisite high-resolution, this collection of outstanding works will reveal Goya’s gift as a portraitist and social commentator. Additional behind-the-scenes footage will uncover the processes of conservation and curation integral to staging this once-in-a-lifetime show.

The film allows those unable to attend the exhibition to appreciate Goya’s world-class art in the comfort and convenience of their local cinema. Equally, the documentary acts as a complementary extension to a gallery visit, immersing the viewer in the artwork up close, analysing works not included in the exhibition and providing illuminating historical and critical context.

Goya – Visions Of Flesh And Blood, will be in cinemas from 1st December nationwide.