Game Of Thrones Goes Back To Source

In Features by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

Now that the series has ended, fans can revisit the world of Game Of Thrones, where it all began—in book form. And thanks to The Folio Society, they can enjoy it all in the sort of fine style that Tyrion would have loved.

Folio will be publishing the entire series of George R. R. Martin’s epic saga A Song of Ice And Fire, starting with the first in the series, A Game Of Thrones, on 16th July 2019.

A Game of Thrones will be illustrated by award-winning artist Jonathan Burton and introduced by best-selling fantasy author Joe Abercrombie.

The Folio Society’s stunning two-volume set of the first title includes a foldout map of the Known World, bound in a separate volume. All are presented in a gold-blocked slipcase with a secret illustration inside.

This new collector’s edition has been approved at all stages by the author from the selection of illustrator and introducer to the bindings, materials, illustrations and map. George R. R. Martin described them as ‘masterpieces of the bookmaker’s art’.

Readers can sign up for more details on the series and pre-order to ensure a copy from the first printing of A Game of Thrones, joining the 5,000 people who have already done so at

“The Folio Society’s splendid new editions of The Song of Ice And Fire series are masterpieces of the bookmaker’s art lavishly illustrated by Jonathan Burton. Books collectors and fantasy fans alike are going to delight in these volumes… I know I will”’ George R. R. Martin

“We are absolutely thrilled to be publishing The Song of Ice and Fire series. They are undoubtedly the great modern masterpieces of the fantasy genre, and creating an edition to match that epic status has been a fabulous challenge,” said Tom Walker, Publishing Director, The Folio Society.

“It was enormously helpful and important to work alongside George R. R. Martin and his Art Director. Having their expansive knowledge and support through the project was invaluable to making sure we stayed true to his vision,” said Sheri Gee, Art Director, The Folio Society.