Posted January 12, 2011 by FilmJuice in DVD/Blu-ray

Get Low

A well-acted, thoughtful drama about an old geezer who decides to
throw a funeral whilst he is still alive and lay his ghosts to rest.

on a real story that became a massive media event, in 1930s rural
Tennessee, Felix Bush (Duvall) is a hairy, old buzzard who lives in a
self-imposed 40 year exile due to an event that happened in his youth.
The result is that many a rumour is spawned about him, from the locals.
The hermit decides to ‘get low’, or in other words get buried. It’s not
that he’s ready to die. He wants people to talk openly about him and to
be allowed to confess the secret that’s burning inside.

Duvall puts in a fine performance as does Sissy Spacek, as Mattie
Darrow, a past love who has come back to her roots. Bill Murray excels
as the fast-talking funeral director. The reveal in the fourth act is
somewhat anti-climatic, but with an exceptional cast, the journey there
is well worth the watch.