Go Green At Outdoor Screenings

In News, Festivals & Events by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

Environmentalists estimate that 150 million tonnes of plastic currently litters the planet – poisoning ecosystems and killing wildlife. The problem is so bad that, in 2014, one of the UK’s largest festivals – Glastonbury – provided its 140,000 visitors with on-site water taps in an attempt to get festival-goers to switch to reusable bottles.

However, with more and more of us enjoying outdoor cinema at events like the Rooftop Film Club, Royal Opera House BP Big Screens, Luna Cinema, Nomad Cinema, the Lost Format Society, and Movies on the River, the problem of plastic waste is spiralling. Fortunately, an increasing number of manufacturers are offering solutions which solve the problem of staying hydrated, while protecting the environment, and saving money.

Ion8 Ultimate Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle is one such solution. Designed to be leak proof, it comes with a seal and lock that ensures it won’t ruin your paperwork or drench your iPad while in your bag. It’s easy fill, with a wide mouth allowing ice to be added on hot days. With 550ml capacity it will keep you hydrated and allows easy top ups, meaning you can keep up your water intake. The design also includes a comfortable grip so that you won’t drop it on a jog. More importantly, the bottles are also BPA free, which means no nasties leaking into your water from the plastic, which can happen when you reuse conventional water bottles.

Each year the average UK household uses 480 plastic bottles, but only recycles 270 of them – meaning nearly half (44%) end up in land fill. So, this year why not switch to reusable and be part of the solution not the problem.

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