Godzilla Turns 60

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This week marks the 60th anniversary of Godzilla. In 1954, the original Godzilla film opened in Japan with nearly ten million movie-goers going along to see the monster come to life.  While audiences loved the visuals, one specific sound effect would become one of the most famous sounds in film history … Godzilla’s roar… Originally captured by using leather gloves rubbed along a double bass, recreating the iconic roar was one of the main challenges the sound team faced when producing the 2014 remake of Godzilla. To mark the big lizard’s birthday, check out this video to see Dolby & Legendary go behind the scenes with Godzilla’s Sound Designer, Erik Aadahl, Director Gareth Edwards and Producer Thomas Tull, to discover just how they tackled bringing back the legendary Godzilla roar.

Godzilla: Behind the Roar from Dolby Laboratories on Vimeo.