Posted November 24, 2010 by Marcia Degia - Publisher in Films

Gulliver’s Travels

A very modern interpretation of Jonathan Swift’s classic novel,
aided by the special effects of 3D, this is not a film for the purists.

Here, we have Lemuel Gulliver (Black), a deadbeat newspaper
mailroom clerk at a high profile NYC publication. Intent on impressing
his travel editor boss Darcy Silverman (Peet), for whom he holds a
secret tourch, he takes on an ­assignment in the Bermuda Triangle. A
strange Atlantic whirlpool sends him the land of Lilliput, where he
turns out to be a giant to the miniature population. He finds himself
having to save the day and becomes a hero enjoying the adulation that
comes with it. The funniest scenes are typical of Black – ever the
guitar hero, with
him getting his new tiny mates to stage his own interpretation of Star
Wars, for one.

Love him or hate him, Jack Black is certainly one for the kids, with
the success of Rock School and the like. Backed up by an impressive cast
including Billy Connolly and Catherine Tate as the King and Queen of Lilliput and Hollywood’s rising leading lady Emily Blunt as their beautiful princess daughter, this is ideal Christmas school holidays fodder.

Again, this is one for the kids.

Marcia Degia - Publisher

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