Halo: Nightfall

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Halo: Nightfall is the latest exciting live action thriller, based on the best-selling Xbox franchise, in the ever-expanding Halo® universe. From executive producer Ridley Scott and the director of Battlestar Galactica, this all-new feature film introduces Agent Locke – the protagonist from the forthcoming Halo 5: Guardians video game on Xbox One – Halo: Nightfall is a thrilling and gripping character story.

A compelling sci-fi adventure and a great introduction to one of the industry’s biggest ever entertainment franchises.

Key talent:

Mike Colter (Men in Black 3, Zero Dark Thirty, The Good Wife)
Christina Chong (24: Live Another Day, Doctor Who) Steven Waddington (The Imitation Game, The Tudors) Christian Contreras (Fury, Zero Dark Thirty) Paul T. Scheuring (Writer) Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (Director)


Halo: Nightfall tells the personal story of Jameson Locke,
a legendary manhunter and agent with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Earth’s most powerful and secretive military branch. He and his team are investigating terrorist “chatter” on the distant colony world of Sedra, when they are caught in a horrific biological attack. Led by Locke, ONI agents are forced to coordinate with Randall Aiken, a local commander with a remarkable history and deep- rooted mistrust of ONI. As they unravel a plot that draws them to an ancient, hellish artifact, they will be forced to fight for their survival, question everything, and ultimately choose between their loyalties and their lives.

Not content with dominating the gaming world, the epic Halo franchise is expanding once again into the realm of live action – and here’s proof of what it can achieve, particularly with the combined powers of science fiction maestro Ridley Scott and seasoned TV director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (Falling Skies, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica) leading the troops into battle.

Halo: Nightfall serves as an action-packed introduction to the world of Halo while also allowing hardcore fans to get an insight into the direction of the franchise as Halo 5: Guardians begins to take shape. If you thought Halo was just a game, think again!