The Haunting In Connecticut 2

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To celebrate the terrifying release of THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT 2, coming to cinemas on 31st October, we are giving you the chance to win the ultimate horror film collection on DVD, to keep you spooked until next Halloween!

The Haunting In Connecticut 2 is the ONLY must-see horror to experience this Halloween and tells the true story of the Wyrick family – Lisa, Andy and their young daughter Heidi – who moved to Pine Mountain, Georgia, in 1993. Upon moving into their new home, the Wyrick women begin experiencing disturbing visions. Do the visions hint at the onset of a shared family madness, or are they clues to a real-life nightmare that once took place on the property?

Prepare to test your fear factor as The Cabin in the Woods, Texas Chainsaw, Saw 7, Silent Hill Revelation, and The Possession are all contained in this fantastic prize!

Haunting in Connecticut 2 is in Cinemas 31st October.  Join the fright at if you’re brave enough!