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Horrere Halloween Brings Filmic Chills To Your Sofa

The air turns cold around you, leaving your sharply exhaled breath hanging in the air like a tangible echo of fright. The hairs on your arm stand to attention like soldiers readying for a battle against an unknown presence. A strange tingle runs down your spine, an electric jolt from your primitive mind, a defense mechanism from a time before language. Your body is readying itself for an invasion of horror from beyond.

All of this can mean only one thing… Horrere is back with a Halloween Special dedicated to Bill Paxton, Harry Dean Stanton, Michael Parks and the granddaddy of the zombie film, George A Romero.

So lock your doors, and hold on tight because the UK’s greatest Horror anthology is back with three brand new stories in an extra creepy Halloween Special.

Launching October 31st the issue will be available in print shortly afterwards but the guys at Madius Comics wanted to make sure you had something creepy to curl up with on the big day itself. They couldn’t leave you spookless on Halloween, now could they?

The brand new issue will feature two new stories written by Horrere stalwarts Michael Sambrook and Rob Jones and one incredible guest story written and illustrated by newcomer Mat Pringle. If you’re brave enough, here’s a little preview of what you can expect within:

The first featured story is from the debuting Mat Pringle, entitled OCTOPUS & RAVEN. An exploration of life, death and rebirth told through stunning visuals that are guaranteed to haunt you long after you finish reading. Hold your breath! The water is deep! The cycle continues.

Secondly, there’s the return of Horrere favourite, the Professor! Since surviving his close brush with The Aufhocker in issue one, something new has caught the Professor’s professional and personal curiosity and lead him to the house of an old friend. A trinket has caused his friend some considerable alarm and the Professor’s cryptographic and linguistic talents have been requested to try and get to the bottom of the mystery … BEFORE THE MOON RISES FULL! 

From writers Michael Sambrook and Rob Jones and featuring art from the Horrere debuting Joe Becci comes a darkly comic tale of dusty victorian manors and even dustier artefacts, THE QUIESCENT!

Then finally, rounding out the issue, comes a chilling tale of finding things that should remain hidden, seeing things that should remain unseen and opening doors that are best left firmly closed. A group of children find a strange note calling them to the woods, a couple of 19th Century bandits find a mysterious monolith, and the ancient presence uniting these events will drag you headfirst into a story that bends time, space and your expectations! You will be left shuddering with fright. Written by Michael Sambrook and Rob Jones and featuring art from the incredible Alexa Renée comes DO YOU WANT TO SEE?

So, clear your schedules, light your pumpkins, and get comfortable. Copies are available from on October 31st along with digital copies of all of the previous issues. (Issues 1, 2 and the one shot Laudanum). Physical issues for issue 1 and 2 can also be purchased from here:

Image by Alexa Renée from Do You Want To See? courtesy of Horrere Halloween.

Paula Hammond - Features Editor

Paula Hammond is a full-time, freelance journalist. She regularly writes for more magazines than is healthy and has over 25 books to her credit. When not frantically scribbling, she can be found indulging her passions for film, theatre, cult TV, sci-fi and real ale. If you should spot her in the pub, after five rounds rapid, she’ll be the one in the corner mumbling Ghostbusters quotes and waiting for the transporter to lock on to her signal… Email:

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