In A World…

In DVD/Blu-ray by Alex Moss Editor

No matter your age we’re all familiar, despite it going out of fashion a long time ago, the age-old trailer as a gravelly voiced man informed us that; “In A World…”.  And so the title of this quirky comedy goes as it deals with an art long thought dead being resuscitated with just a smidge of rom-com thrown in for good measure.

Carol (Lake Bell) is a voice coach and daughter of voice over legend Sam (Fred Melamed).  Sam has taken upcoming voice over actor Gustav (Ken Marino) under his wing as rumours circulate around Hollywood that a major film, going by the familiar sounding The Amazon Games is looking to return the infamous trait of “In A World…” trend to their latest trailer.  But when Carol, aided by sister Dani (Michaela Watkins) and sound technician Louis (Demetri Martin), finds herself the new hotshot voice talent in town she comes up against her father and his smug protégé in the running to bag the big gig.

You know Lake Bell, you might not know you know her but you do.  She’s one of those hugely talented but often ignored Hollywood actresses, the kind normally relegated to playing the other girl while some petite little nymph prances round and gets all the guys.  Clearly frustrated at this Bell not only stars in In A World… but also writes and directs the film.

Like her character Carol, Bell’s writing and direction never sits still.  It’s lively, energetic and has about as much focus as a six year-old on Halloween.  The plot jumps from story to various sub-plots without much care or attention but, thanks to Bell’s quirky, cute nature it keeps an enjoyable smile pasted permanently on your face.

Playing out like an offbeat indie sports movie, there’s even a montage while all the contestants train and record their final submission for the trailer.  In A World…is a fun, always cute comedy that is awash with great dialogue, clever cameos and incredibly likable characters.