James Test

In Films by James Hay - Cinema Editor

Scorsese soars back to the very top of the directorial pile with his latest juggernaut, The Wolf of Wall Street. Leo DiCaprio delivers a career-topping performance as he audaciously brings to life Jordan Belfort in this debauched tale of excess and political incorrectness.

Subverting cinematic convention from the off, DiCaprio looks straight into the camera as he delivers his narration directly to the audience. Although intentionally unsettling this approach draws you deeper into Belfort’s world and sets the tone brilliantly for this visceral portrait of self-destruction and addiction.

DiCaprio, quite rightly, sits atop the pyramid of his supporting cast with Jonah Hill standing out as his right-hand man Donnie, Margot Robbie sizzling as his not-just-a-trophy wife, Kyle Chandler the fillip to his greed and some simply brilliant cameos from Jon Favreau, Joanna Lumley and most notably Matthew McConaughey who does his very best to steal the entire show.

Sitting somewhere between comedy, exposé and ridiculousness Leo and Marty combine once again to deliver a magnificent piece of cinema. It’s rare to be sat in the theatre thinking, ‘this is one for the ages’ but that’s exactly the feeling you get watching TWOWS. That’s rare. And this film is rare. Two masters of modern cinema at the apex of their profession, creating a spellbinding film that pushes boundaries and pulls no punches in doing so.