Jennifer Lawrence Ready To Take A Dive

In News by Alex Moss Editor

As her Hunger Games days come to a close Jennifer Lawrence is increasingly on the look out for new projects to star in.  One such project is James Cameron’s long gestating film The Dive which Lawrence is now attached to star in.

For many years Cameron planned on making the film himself but his obligation to making no less than three Avatar sequels have put that plan to bed.  So while he can’t direct the film himself Cameron will remain as a producer passing on directing responsibilities to none other than Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence.  Seemingly Lawrences are not like cooks, too many don’t spoil anything.

The Dive tells the true and tragic story of free divers Francisco “Pippin” Ferraras and Audrey Mestre.  Mestre, who Lawrence would play, died while trying to beat her own free dive depth of a world record 557.7 feet.  After her death Ferraras paid tribute to his wife by attempting to dive to the same depth with James Cameron the man who filmed him doing it.  Could it be that Cameron will turn up in a movie as himself? Wouldn’t be the first time the director has played himself; see both Entourage and The Muse (worth it just to hear him muttering to himself “stay away from the water” – looks like he’s heading that advice).

The film has been through a number of hands since Cameron decided not to direct himself with the likes of Casino Royale director Martin Campbell and writer J. Michael Straczynski both involved back in 2012.  The latest incarnation of the script comes from Safe Haven’s Dana Stevens with the film hopefully set to finally go into production. Before she can get her diving suit on though Jennifer Lawrence has the small matter of David O. Russell’s Joy to star in and then getting her blue suit back on for X-Men: Apocalypse.  Source – The Wrap